Why Is G Suite Needed For Everyday Use?

Everything today is done through emails. I know, as a business owner, that even though we use emails to contact each other, G Suite makes it so much easier.

If you are not familiar with this suite of digital online-based tools, then a little bit of free learning material such as G Suite Training could be helpful. What is the G Suite Training? In other words, it’s a walkthrough, interactive training tool. This is a chrome extension that offers simple and easy lessons to help you better understand all the apps that come with G Suite.

It shows and teaches you how to use Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, and Docs, everything you need to keep your business going strong. It will help your business a lot if you learn to take charge and use these functions.

Computer users. Image credit: Startup Stock Photos via Pexels (Pexels licence)Computer users. Image credit: Startup Stock Photos via Pexels (Pexels licence)

Computer users. Image credit: Startup Stock Photos via Pexels (Pexels licence)

All you have to do is use the Chrome app management; the training chrome extension can help get everything in order in a matter of minutes. Access your training directly from G Suite applications, including all the apps and the Admin console.

With every new feature, you will be notified and updated automatically. So you’re always up to date at all times. You can always have help as there is someone to talk to 24 hours a day, and it’s a real person, not a machine.

There are also other providers of G Suite Training courses, most of them fully available in English, and some include limited support for Mandarin, Cantonese, French, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

Chrome App management is very helpful if you have a large number of users, and they are spread across multiple offices. It’s great for the whole office to use and edit any docs without having to go between multiple apps; this makes it easy and cuts the multiple apps out. No longer do you have to save after every edit, now everything will be done automatically.

Interactive training works on Chrome for desktop and video-based training works on all modern browsers and devices, including mobile. A suite of the collaboration of products, for your team and small businesses, include all the apps you need like web conferencing, file sharing, and scheduling on the cloud.

When you’re setting up the tools for your business, your purchase decisions will usually flow in this order:

1. Pick G Suite or Office 365 for your email and you Basic suite of tools.

2. Get additional tools to replace any tools in your suite that you’re unhappy with. For example, if Google Drive doesn’t have enough storage for you, you could get Dropbox or Box instead.

3. Get tools for gaps that G Suite and Office 365 don’t cover. This includes document signing, document creation for design files like Photoshop, wikis, and document organization services like FYI.

 The Business edition improves over the Basic edition by offering added security layers and file management as well as advanced tracking and policy implementation options for emails, chats, and files.

Employees can access their information wherever they are from any device. And in the event, they’re stuck somewhere out of range and unable to find an internet connection, they can still access their documents offline. Admins can also control offline access using device policies.

G Suite can also be used as an individual purpose too, and you still receive the same apps, everything the business one gets, you will get too. You’re able to send a professional email from your business web address and create group mailing lists. You’re able to add and remove users, set up groups, and add a security option like 2 step verification, all from the admin console.

Keep your company data secure with device management that allows you to locate devices easily, require passwords, and erase data if needed. This allows you to have a safe way and protect your business. Having the ability to make an email that the whole company can use and being able to edit a doc without having to use a multiple of apps is the best way to go.

Another great feature is the migration tool and services; now you can move all your organized and important data to G Suite and from all your current storage solutions and more.

You’re able to call or email Google support to get help from a live person whenever you need it; you can always find a fast answer online at their help center. With G Suite, your organization can move faster together, using intelligent, cloud-based apps to collaborate from anywhere, in real time.

Bring the whole team into the room from wherever they are with the hassle-free, one-click HD video conferencing – there is an app for that too. For all your business needs and wants, G Suite is the one for you.


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