The Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note (Infographic)

Competing with only itself, Samsung has created a reputation for the Galaxy Note series. Continuing with its quest for innovation and making the use of phablets easy, the company has continued to improve the screens, software and its proprietary S Pen. This helps Samsung stay ahead of the competition and command a premium for an experience that is unparalleled. This has been the case since the inception of the Note series, which is beautifully illustrated in Hometop’s infographic. The infographic also highlights the important features and sales of each version of the Note.

The current version of the Note is the Note 8, which comes with more than 4000 pressure levels for improved stroke detection. Incorporating the previous Note’s always-on display with a Super AMOLED screen, Samsung is making note-taking super easy. With the option of pinning reminders, making use of Air Gestures and by leaving Live messages, the S Pen and the Samsung Note 8’s display have been highly praised.

DisplayMate even said that Note 8’s display was the best they have ever tested. Rising above the previous Note’s, Samsung has created a reputation for delivering high-end specs. The Note series usually follows the design makeup of their S Series counterpart.

However, with changing times, Samsung has changed the otherwise bulky look to a much sleeker design. Other than this, on the design front, Samsung has even made changes to the S Pen’s design. The S Pen no longer comes with a ribbed exterior but instead houses a modern and sleek look. Further improving the pressure levels, Samsung has created the perfect match for its Note series. Additionally, Samsung decided to go with the earphone jack, which was a good decision and allows the users to make use of the original earphones that come with the box or their own choice of earphones.

Note 9, the latest Samsung Note model, has been awaited ever since the launch of S9 and S9+. With many rumors surrounding the launch, Samsung just recently released a teaser which suggests some solid changes to the phone. After the launch it has been confirmed that there are three primary changes to the phone, and they have improved battery life, enhanced and more powerful RAM and better storage.

It is possible that Samsung has finally created a Note which is much better to use and is one of the most powerful devices in the recent market. With the launch of Samsung Note 9 around the corner, let’s wait and watch what has this smartphone giant planned.


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