The doctor on your watch: smartwatches can save your life

There are different ways smartwatches can save your life and those of your loved ones, This will range from taking vital biometric data and giving you tips for living healthy to sending help notifications to your loved ones in case the watch detects that you are in trouble.

Image credit: Dose Media via Unsplash, Public domain

Additionally, they are portable and highly efficient; for instance, as opposed to medical equipment that only captures health data at the instant you visit the hospital, a smartwatch is capable of doing the same round the clock even when you are asleep. Health data collected this way will bring a true depiction of your overall health thereby making it very easy for your physician to give an accurate diagnosis.

So how can the doctor on your smartwatches save your life?

Since the emergence of the smartphone, there has been a lot of developments in portable mobile devices that can easily be synced together to convey different information depending on need. Among these, is the smartwatch technology that not only enables individuals to account for their time but also collects health data that will come along with preventing the development of disease thereby saving lives.

Alex Tchablakian, COO at asserts of thousands of online testimonies of lives saved through the use of smartwatches. Herein are different ways that the doctor on your watch can save your life.

Vital biometric health data: There are smartwatches that are capable of letting you know of very important health data such as blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature to mention a few. Examples of such wrist smartwatch models that will tell you whether you have a health issue include; the Apple Series 4, Polar Vantage, Fitbit Versa among others.

If you take for instance the Apple series 4, this smartwatch is fitted with a wrist sensor that records pulse rate at any time of the day or night. In case of any anomalies, this smartwatch will let you know even when you are not able to note any leading signs or symptoms suggesting a heart problem. This way, heart problems are discovered and treated early before they become life-threatening.

Summons emergency calls: If you are managing a certain health issue that gets your loved ones worried when you are out alone, the doctor on your smartwatch can summon help should it detect any form of danger. Looking back at the Apple Series 4, the smartwatch is capable of detecting falls or in case it hits a hard surface. Therefore, if you happen to collapse due to heart attack or other health conditions and can’t make a distress call, the wearable automatically summons your loved ones or physician to send help.

This smartwatch provision is very handy if live alone or happen to be in the middle of nowhere without help. If such occurs, this will definitely be life-threatening if you collapsed and medical attention delayed. If you happen to be in a public place, the help you’ll get is a call for an ambulance which would otherwise have been far much better if there was a clue to guide strangers how to help you.

Know your sugar level: As opposed to the painful finger pricking and drawing blood to the glucose monitor, the smartwatch technology is changing this by making this whole process neater. Taking a close overview of the K’watch wearable, the devices are fitted with biosensors that allow this watch to measure glucose levels without breaking the skin.

The good thing about this is that this watch doctor records and keeps a comprehensive reliable data that can be used to effectively manage diabetes. This is the complete opposite of the normal glucose measurement where the analysis may not give the correct reflection of the blood sugar levels. This can sometimes lead to incorrect perception and diagnosis which may endanger the patient’s health.

Keeping fit: If you have added weight lately and want to embark on a fitness program to burn fats, it is important to have a system to monitor your progress; otherwise, it so easy to give up along the way without a plan. This can be very depressing and even prompt psychological health disorders like binge eating that endangers health. However, with a smartwatch doctor, it is very simple to stay focused on an objective fitness program that guides and ensures keep a track of your performance.

Additionally, there are dozens of fitness apps that are compatible with entirely most smartwatches. This gives you a wider array to choose from thereby making fitness more fun. By keeping track of your fitness program you will be more careful about what you eat, have a good rest, and exercise more which will come along with preventing lifestyle diseases.

Flexibility and cost-effective: Going to the hospital to undertake medical checkups can be very inconvenient especially if have a very tight schedule and many are the times you fail to honor appointments. The numerous visitors to the hospital and taking of vital biometric data is also a costly endeavor that simply is reduced by acquiring a smartwatch.

As earlier discussed, smartwatch devices have the ability to record vital health data that can help promote good health habit and prevent diseases. This is at no cost at all. Additionally, the data can be remotely sent to the doctor who will in turn advice on treatment and also track your health progress. Besides being portable, they are highly affordable and very easy to use and can take more than one health data. If you were to compare to acquiring a sphygmometer, you will only get blood pressure measurement and getting this data using the device is very complicated.


By the time you will be reading this, you definitely must have made up your mind to get a smartwatch and embark on monitoring your health to prevent diseases. However, it is important to use the data as a guide and always consult your physician should you get a warning notification concerning your health.