Secure Swiss Data: The World’s First Comprehensive End-to-End Encrypted Communications System

A company that protects online privacy is engaging the general public in the creation of a unique end-to-end encrypted communications system with integrated blockchain through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. All data is stored exclusively in Switzerland in servers located under 320m of granite in the Swiss Alps. The user’s data is out of reach of all foreign government’s jurisdictions, and and intelligence agencies like NSA, and is further protected by a unique combination of Swiss laws, operational principles, and technology.

A lot of people who thought and argued that they have ‘Nothing to Hide’ are astonished at discovering just how intrusive some corporate and government sponsored surveillance has become today.  Because of this, they are now much more aware of the need to use online privacy protection services.

Secure Swiss Data’s improved end-to-end encrypted web email service, and mobile apps (iOS and Android) have been used by people all over the world.  However, the team wants to go further and add new features to create an all-in-one secure online communications system.

The CTO, Alex stated: Our aim is to push the limits of what’s possible in online security.”

To make the communications systems independent from any government or corporate influence, Secure Swiss Data would need people’s support. For this reason, it is starting a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in July, 2018. The goal is to raise minimum $25,000.

The raised money is going to be used to provide people with:

  • First in the world end-to-end encrypted communications system that will include calendar, tasks and notes
  • An all-in-one system that allows users to protect communications online with the above features along with an end-to-end encrypted file storage, messenger, and Google Docs like feature that enables users to edit encrypted files together in real time. There would be no need to use different communications platforms – saving user’s time and money
  • First in the world communications system that will integrate blockchain for additional level of security

While preparing for the crowdfunding campaign launch, Secure Swiss Data’s VP, Business Development, David Bruno states: “We take our motto “Most of Us Have Nothing to Hide, But We All Have Something to Lose” seriously.  That is why our company’s mission, and daily inspiration, is to provide the best data protection service in the industry.”


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