LKBL App: Artificial intelligence recognizes human beauty

A phone application with artificial intelligence was born, and it can compare and evaluate human beauty. All you need is your selfie. What does it base its decisions on, how does it work and what does artificial intelligence with a sense of aesthetics mean for our future?

LKBL, or Likeable, is a new mobile app from developers from Brno, Czech Republic. Applications that promised to rate beauty have been created before, but these often only generated a random result and were therefore used mainly for entertainment. LKBL is built on a system of neural networks and machine learning. Forget about features, proportions and facial features, facial geometry, golden cuts and the like. The application algorithm works with millions of photos of people from different Internet dating sites, where people themselves have evaluated the beauty of others. “Based on these photos and their assigned ranking, I’ve taught the app to appraise the beauty of other people,” says David Schlemmer, the main developer of LKBL, who also develops artificial intelligence for security camera facial recognition systems.

The basis of LKBL is therefore a real judgment of a person, a giant database of decision of millions of people, which means the results are not influenced by the subjective feelings of the authors. “Machines are able to recognise faces, drive cars, predict financial market situations, or simply read people’s lips, why wouldn’t they be able to assess human beauty?”

David Schlemmer is thinking about the deeper sense of LKBL. According to scientific research, we decide if we like someone within the first few seconds. Whether we admit it or not, beauty is an important aspect of choosing a partner. In the era of the selfie, LKBL is a necessary aid to make your life easier. You do not have to think for too long which of your photos would be the best one to share with the world and then wait for responses from your friends. Now, you can find out almost instantly how your photo works on people and share only the most favoured images. And if you are not exactly an Instagrammer, the app can help you choose a suitable photo for your online CV.

LKBL can also evaluate the quality of the whole photo, and the score includes not only your face, but also your figure, clothing, background, light and more.

LKBL’s special feature is pair analysis – take a picture with your significant other, and the application will tell you whether you’re a match based on your look. Just watch out for “unexpected” results.

Everyone has asked themselves in front of the mirror whether they are beautiful. Unfortunately, our mirrors are not the magical one from Snow White and are not able to answer us. But that’s what science, along with new technologies, is here for: to answer those once-abstract questions. LKBL may be a small tool for a person, but a great tool for
aesthetics, which can reveal the mystery of the beauty of a person one step further. For scientific methodology, data is a key element, and this application from the Czech Republic is perhaps the most powerful tool for assessing human beauty at present.

If you want to find out what artificial intelligence thinks about you and your beauty, download LKBL for free on Google Play. App creators say you do not have to worry about your data, as LKBL does not send your photos anywhere, and they will stay safe on your phone.

Source: LKBL

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