Kona Iron Man Special Edition – SUV for hard-core Tony Stark fans

People love superhero movies. They read comic books, collect posters and action figures, go to conventions and never miss a new superhero movie in the theatre. Car manufacturers also want to ge on board – Hyundai has just introduced the Kona Iron Man Special Edition – a result of Marvel and Hyundai collaboration. This limited edition car is going to reach dealerships in 2019.

Hyundai Kona Iron Man Special Edition is filled with Iron Man symbols and has a special paint scheme. Image credit: Hyundai

Iron Man is a different kind of a superhero. He was not created by some accident or through some magic. He is not even an alien or a god. Instead, he is a person who invented a special armoured suit that allows him to fly and fight. He is able to go through all kinds of difficult situations and a car that bears his name should be quite persistent as well. That is why an All Wheel Drive Kona was chosen – it is able to conquer the worst road conditions. However, of course, the most important features are found on the exterior.

First of all, Hyundai Kona Iron Man Special Edition has a big Iron Man mask decal on the roof. Iron Man mask can also be founds on the centre caps of the custom Iron-grip dual-tone 18-inch alloy wheels, on fenders and engraved in the headlights. The colour of this collectible SUV is an exclusive Iron Man red contrasting with a cool matte grey. And of course, there are some Stark Industries touches as well, such as the lower fascia and rear door decals. But it is not all about colour and decals – this car has a custom hood as well. It features a unique V-shaped bevel with the classic Marvel logo.

On the inside you would find the Kona Iron Man Special Edition’s 8-inch touchscreen features a Stark Industries-branded interface, a unique Heads-up Display with Iron Man-themed technical graphics and Tony Stark signature on the dashboard. Seats are also custom for this model and you can find yet another Iron Man mask on the gear lever.

Interior is not much different from normal Kona’s, but it does have touchscreen with a Stark Industries-branded interface. Image credit: Hyundai

There are some other interesting touches as well. For example, the Kona Iron Man Special Edition has a smart key, which, of course, bears an Iron Man mask logo. You can carry the key anywhere you want – in your bag or pocket. And you won’t have to pull it out, because this car has keyless entry. Finally, the Kona Iron Man Special Edition has a unique front-lighting signature, featuring custom LED daytime running lights that glow blue.

Who is going to buy this car? Well, we should expect the most hard-core Iron Man fans to be interested. But the Kona Iron Man Special Edition is only going to reach dealerships next year. It is likely to be more expensive than the normal Kona and the production numbers are going to be limited. It is quite a cartoony-looking car, but some people will like it.


Source: Hyundai


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