3 of the most popular touchscreen kiosk applications

In the age of mobile-enabled SMART ticketing and real-time ordering, many companies across the UK are implementing touchscreen self-service solutions in a bid to make the customer experience more seamless.

In Britain, over half of large stores offer some form of interactive displays, and digital kiosks and tablets are becoming increasingly common in healthcare environments, council buildings and transport hubs across the country.

Smart kiosk. Image credit: U.S. Air Force, Vernon L. Fowler Jr./Released

It’s no secret that customers enjoy the extra convenience, too. Sixty- five percent from a recent survey say they would like to see more on-site digital tools to help enhance in-person purchases, and more than half admit to favouring self-service tools like digital kiosks, heralding the self-service revolution.

Given kiosk penetration and demand is rising, many kiosk manufacturers are looking to develop bolder more innovative solutions that cater for a wide variety of industries. West Yorkshire-based Cammax Limited, suppliers of bespoke touchscreen kiosks, have recently pioneered SMART ticketing machines that incorporate new technologies like contactless payment and its likely many other manufacturers and stakeholders will continue to invest in development in the years ahead.

For now, here are some of the most popular types of kiosk applications found across both the public and private sector:

Healthcare kiosks

Given the well-publicised financial constraints facing the NHS, bosses are turning to new technologies in an effort to cut costs and increase patient satisfaction. From prescription payment kiosks found at AE departments that capture thousands in lost revenue, to product dispensing kiosks that give patients vital round-the-clock access to equipment, the service is making great strides.

Many GP surgeries and hospital waiting areas also employ the use of touchscreen check-in kiosks which has helped to keep patients informed and reduced the burden on busy staff.

Image credit: Max Pixel, CC0 Public Domain.

Parking kiosks

The parking industry has been looking to provide drivers with many alternative ways to pay for their parking, giving rise to the introducing of SMART parking payment machines. This type of kiosk has been popping up in many different guises across UK car parks, in both wall-mount and freestanding style, and it offers the ability for customers to pay via chip pin and contactless as more of us move towards the seemingly inevitable ‘cashless society’.

Government kiosks

The NHS isn’t the only public sector organisation embracing kiosk solutions. Many government institutions, including libraries, have turned to multi-translation kiosks to help foreign visitors access their services and councils have also deployed state-of-the-art payment kiosks.

These council payment kiosks provide customers with the ability to pay for a wide range of services such as council tax, fines and school meals without having to queue to speak to staff; improving satisfaction rates and reducing staff costs for local authorities.


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